Your entitlement to a greater life

Nikmaram Law Office (NLO) offers juridical consultancy service throughout Denmark within different legal relations.

The motto of NLO is that anyone is entitled to a better life. Juridical outcomes as residence permit, divorce, contact to or protection of one’s children or stronger financial situation may result in a better life.

NLO are proud of having dealt with cases for clients from 67 different countries in more than 22 years.

Farhad NikmaramAttorney Farhad Nikmaram

  • Annulment of an expulsion order

    An expulsion order can be rescinded before the expulsion is carried out. Once the expulsion order is rescinded, you will acquire your residence permit back and will no longer be deported. If you have an expulsion order, we recommend you strongly to consider a rescission of the expulsion order.

  • Resumption of asylum cases

    A definitive rejected asylum case cannot be appealed to any other authority. The only option is to revive the asylum case. An asylum rejection may be caused by lack of information, misunderstandings, inaccurate interpretations or new and changed circumstances. NLO will process your asylum case thoroughly and seek into the centre of the case that entitles you asylum.

  • Valid Mahr

    Agreements concerning Mahr are not directly valid in Denmark. If you have entered into marriage with a Mahr agreement, it is possible to ensure the agreement to be valid within Danish legislation. NLO can ensure that a Mahr agreement is applicable under Danish law.