Civil proceedings

Nikmaram Law Office (NLO) offers pragmatic and result-oriented juridical processing within different types of civil lawsuits.

If you are about to purchase or sell a business, you should consider preparing a contract that ensures your rights in your best interest. A standard contract will barely protect your specific rights and interests and can at times cause unexpected shocking results at a great cost. To avoid such problems, we can ensure that your specific interests are reflected in the contract.

You are able to make a complaint to achieve a favourable result in case that your insurance company doesn’t compensate your sufficient, e.g. in relation to burglary, personal injury and work-related injury or accidents.

NLO has experience within the following areas:

  • Trade of businesses
  • Liability suits
  • Insurance cases
  • Rent juridical cases
  • Free legal aid and legal expenses insurance

    In some civil proceedings, you can obtain free legal aid, which means that the public funds or your insurance company cover the court costs. We can seek free legal aid on your behalf.