Criminal proceedings

Nikmaram Law Office (NLO) is a trustful law office with experience and expertise within criminal proceedings.

In case you are accused or charged in a criminal case, you are entitled to a defence attorney. It is important that you from the earliest stage – when approached by the police – contact us. NLO is involved from the very beginning of your criminal case.

It is important to note that interrogations are one of the most important stages in the process of criminal proceedings, as the interrogations shape your criminal case before it is sent to court. It is therefore important from the first approach from the police to contact us – you should not wait for the case to be brought to court, thus we are able to render consultancy service and undertake the defence of your case from the very beginning. You shall remain silent until your attorney is present – even if you are not guilty.

Once the defence attorney is court-appointed, the state is initially taking charge of the attorney’s fee. You are only obligated to compensate the Treasury’s expense of the attorney’s fee if you are found guilty.

  • Annulment of an expulsion order

    An expulsion order can be rescinded before the expulsion is carried out. Once the expulsion order is rescinded, you will acquire your residence permit back and will no longer be deported. If you have an expulsion order, we recommend you strongly to consider a rescission of the expulsion order.