Domestic proceedings

Nikmaram Law Office (NLO) offers juridical consultancy within domestic proceedings.

It may be consultancy with financial situation between spouses, judicial separation and divorce, sharing of joint estate, custody and visitation cases.

In case of entering a marriage, buying a house with a partner or considering a divorce, it would be useful to seek professional consultancy before making any decision.

NLO has broad experience within the following cases in law of domestic relations:

  • Matrimonial cases
  • Mahr – The use of Mahr under Danish law.
  • Custody cases
  • Visitation cases
  • Out-of-home placement of children
  • Valid Mahr

    Agreements concerning Mahr are not directly valid in Denmark. If you have entered into marriage with a Mahr agreement, it is possible to ensure the agreement to be valid within Danish legislation. NLO can ensure that a Mahr agreement is applicable under Danish law.