Foreign proceedings

Nikmaram Law Office (NLO) has great knowledge of all kinds of residence permit and offer professional consultancy within immigration law.

Immigration law is one of the legal areas that are always in focus in Denmark. The regulations in that area are continuously being changed and since our office is specifically specialised within the immigration law, you can be certain that we are constantly updated in this field. As a foreigner in Denmark you are able to obtain residence permit on the basis of asylum, family reunification, employment or education. Please note that it is often the small details that can influence whether your case will be rejected or permitted. We ought you to contact us to book a professional consultancy for your case.

NLO has broad experience within the following areas:

  • Asylum
  • Family reunification under Danish and EU regulations
  • Residence permit based on employment
  • Residence permit based on education
  • Residence permit
  • Complaint handling procedures of rejection on residence permit
  • Resumption of asylum cases
  • Rescission of an expulsion order
  • Humanitarian residence permit
  • Visa cases
  • Citizenship
  • Resumption of asylum cases

    A definitive rejected asylum case cannot be appealed to any other authority. The only option is to revive the asylum case. An asylum rejection may be caused by lack of information, misunderstandings, inaccurate interpretations or new and changed circumstances. NLO will process your asylum case thoroughly and seek into the centre of the case that entitles you asylum.